Pregnant and didn’t even know

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A SHOP assistant did not know she was pregnant until she went into labour – and she was two weeks over her due date.

Sarah Ireland thought her contractions were monthly pains and went to bed with paracetamol and a hot water bottle – hours later she was a mum for the first time.

During the time she was pregnant, she did not take a day off work, partied in town with her friends, dropped a dress size – and was trampolining just weeks before the birth.

The 23-year-old and son Stanley Joseph are doing well at home in Woodlands Place, Barrowcliff, with Sarah’s sisters Aimee, 12, Kacey, eight, and their mum Brenda.

“When Stanley was put in my arms, I was in total shock. I had no

idea I was pregnant,” said Sarah, who works at TK Maxx in Scarborough.

“The family had a party on the day of the royal wedding and I was using the trampoline in my aunty’s garden,” said Sarah.

Stanley’s father Matty Lee, 25, of Scarborough, and Sarah split up in November but he is delighted to be a dad.

Former Graham School pupil Sarah went into labour, thinking it was period pains, some time on May 30. She had been at work all day.

“I went to bed at 8.30pm but just could not get comfortable,” she said.

She woke her mum at 3am and Brenda ran her daughter a bath, thinking that would ease the pain.

“That’s when I began to think something was wrong,” said Brenda, who works at Buckhams fish and chip shop in Newlands. Sarah asked her mum to call an ambulance, but it was two hours later before Brenda put in the call.

“You don’t phone 999 for period pain, do you?” said Brenda.

The crew and a separate rapid response paramedic arrived at just before 5am – Stanley Joseph was born in Scarborough Hospital at 5.05am on Tuesday May 31, weighing 71b and 8oz. He was, said hospital staff, two weeks late.

He spent the first five days of his life in the special care baby unit – and the family thanked the staff for their help.

Stanley’s second name Joseph is in honour of the ambulance man who helped deliver him – he is known to Sarah and her mum as ‘Geordie Joe’ and they have invited him to the christening at Wreyfield Methodist Church on July 17.

On the day of Stanley’s birth, emergency medical technician Joe Wright was accompanied by Gemma Martin – student paramedic, and in the rapid response vehicle was paramedic practitioner Steven West.

Mike Wright, A&E locality manager for the Scarborough area at Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust, said: “On behalf of the Trust I would like to offer our congratulations to the family on their new arrival. It is nice when our staff can use their skills and expertise, not only to help save a life, but to bring a new life into the world.

“Helping to deliver a baby is an extremely rewarding experience and the staff involved were absolutely thrilled to be part of this very special event.”

The community has rallied to help Sarah and her newborn. She is stopped wherever she goes as everyone wants to hear her story.

“It took me three hours to get into one shop in town,” said Sarah who had no thoughts of wanting to be a mother – though Brenda said she is doing brillantly.

“We have been given four prams, six Moses baskets and bags of clothes. We would like to thank everyone for their support and generosity,” said Sarah. Brenda had to tell Sarah’s colleagues. “Sarah was worried about not being able to go to work, so I phoned in sick for her in the morning and then in the afternoon went into the shop to tell them she had had a baby.

“I was shocked at first but I am delighted. I mean, look at him, he is gorgeous, how can you not be pleased?” said Brenda as she took her turn of cuddling Stanley.”