Progress has been made on understanding faiths

Delighted to read of the Venerable Lama Yeshe Ripoche speaking with councillors and the mayor at the Crown Spa on his plans for the new Buddhist Centre.

From my sad experience I wish him well and hope his supporters will enjoy complete success. For it was a very different scene at the hotel a few years back when pensioners were bussed in to oppose, for reasons of bigotry, xenophobia and rightwing politics - with catcalls, jeers and offensive remarks - the proposal to allow Hindus to look out to sea and commemorate their departed loved ones from the dilapidated putting green shelter.

The proposal, financially supported by the Leeds Hindu Charitable Trust, was fought covertly by the Scarborough Civic Society and overtly by a dominant female councillor.

Delighted that Scarborough has made progress in manners, ethics and the understanding of faiths.

Perhaps those pensioners have (sadly) departed too.

Professor Edward Black