Proposed move for rail station

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SEAMER railway station could be moved to improve transport links to Scarborough, according to a council report.

The radical suggestion is one of a number of suggestions made in the A64 Connectivity Study which will be discussed by members of Scarborough Council’s cabinet tomorrow.

Other improvements to the main commuter route could include:

l improvements to the Park and Ride site, capacity and route

l a new Park and Ride to the north of Scarborough

l better road signs – including variable message signs

l improved public transport links from Scarborough town centre and major employment sites.

In the report John Riby, the council’s head of technical services, said that the report would back up the council’s hopes of “achieving the renaissance of the North Yorkshire Coast by 2020” as well as helping to boost the local economy.

The possibility of moving Seamer railway station was outlined as a long-term measure and would not happen before 2021. In the report Mr Riby said: “The possible relocation of Seamer railway station westwards possibly linked to an additional Park and Ride facility.”

The total estimated cost of the scheme would be between £5 million and £25 million.

Short-term projects would take place between now and 2016 and would cost between £2.5 million and £12 million.

And medium-term projects would take place between 2016 and 2021 at an estimated total cost of between £2 million and £10 million.

Mr Riby said: “All other proposed interventions along the A64 corridor would, to a lesser or greater extent, improve the connectivity between Scarborough and the principal transport networks and are to be welcomed.

“At the scrutiny committee members were asked to consider a number of recommendations at Section 8 of that report.

“The scrutiny committee agreed with the recommendations and hence these are reflected in the recommendations now being made to cabinet.”

He said that there were no current direct financial implications to the council which arose from the report. “But clearly for the programme of possible interventions to arise, the borough council will need to be proactive in supporting and encouraging relevant agencies to pursue funding to help deliver these and may need to set aside funding from time to time to help facilitate a periodic review of the action plan,” he added.

Tomorrow’s meeting is due to begin at 10am.