Proposed relocation of Town Hall

As a group we are keen to take opportunities which not only benefit Scarborough town itself but also the borough as a whole.

We welcome the current deal with Housing and Communites Agency and see it as an opportunity for the borough bouncil to move forward and an opportunity for a large scale regeneration of Scarborough town centre.

Between now and July 20 we as a group will be considering the following:

It would seem that standing still and doing nothing is the least favourable option.

It is clear that if the offices relocate, Scarborough Borough Council will still have a presence through Customer First in the town centre.

It is clear that a lot of the current office accommodation is rather less than acceptable and does not lend itself to the way in which we believe local authorities now and in the future need to operate by way of shared services and shared space with other partner organisations.

Looking at the figures it would seem that moving the office accommodation will have little impact on the town centre economy and we acknowledge the fact that a new development in the town centre could actually improve the town centre economy.

Prospect House seems to lend itself to partnership working and seems to offer a head quarters which will be fit for purpose, it would also seem to offer much better working conditions.

As Eastfield ward councillors we also have an added dimension to the decision which will come before us on July 20, the fact that Eastfield is on the verge of major regeneration over the next 10 years or so both in terms of housing, retail and leisure. Having a major base of operations on our door step so to speak could have a major positive impact on an emerging local economy in the Eastfield and greater Eastfield area.

We will also consider the civic function of the council, do we move that to Prospect House along with any relocation of the office accommodation or do we maintain a civic base in the actual civic part of the Town Hall campus. As a group we do NOT have a group whip, each member will consider the reports, facts and figures and arrive at their own decision when deciding how to vote on July 20.

Cllr Brian Simpson

Liberal Democrat Group Leader

Scarborough Borough Council