Proud of the town’s historic heritage

RE What is a true Scarborian?

Probably conceived ina Queen Street boarding house (since demolished), but onlya “Wesie” and not resident in Scarborough until as recently as 1962, my authority on this subject is suspect.

For centuries past, true Scarborians had to be born “below the Pump”. Since the great majority of your readers would not kow where or what “the Pump” was, on that basis they would be disqualified.

“The Pump” was located at the top of West Sandgate at its junction with princess and St Mary’s streets. It was at the end of a pipeline that ran all teh way downhill from Falsgrave’s springs and for hundreds of years it was the only source of clean, fresh water for townspeople living there.

Clearly, “below the Pump” has long since become meaningless and obsolete. There hasn;t been a pump there for 150 years and many who now live in Undercliff was of it were not born there and earn their living elsewhere.

SO if it’s not place of birth, home or work, that constitutes “a real Scarborian”? May I suggest that accolade rightly belongs to someone who is appalled by the exile of borough government from St Nicholas Street to Eastfield, regards the abandonment of Londesborough Lodge as a shameful disgrace, and cannot believe that the Spa sea wall and sands need to be barbarised and buried under heaps of imported rocks.

In short, a true Scarborian is proud of the town but grievously dissatisfied with its present government.

Jack Binns

Chatsworth Gardens