Pub apologises for hosting EDL

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The landlords of a Scarborough pub have made a public apology after it provided a meeting point for members of the Far Right English Defence League (EDL) before a march in the town on Saturday.

The Old Vic in Westborough was used by the group before they marched into town, where they were confronted by members of the Unite Against Fascism group. A standoff followed with police forced to keep the two sides apart.

On its Facebook page the Old Vic said that the agreement with the EDL was made by a member of staff who was unaware of what the group stood for.

It went on to say it tried to cancel but was asked by police not to as a policing plan had been put in place which included the pub.

The statement added: “We would like to state very clearly, we are in no way affiliated with, or support the EDL, its aims, view and objectives.

“Ordinarily, anyone expressing these abhorrent views would not be welcome in our pub.

“This also goes for all of our staff who also wish not to be associated with them.”

The owners added that all profits made from then group’s visit will be donated to charities chosen by the pub’s customers

Police said there were no arrests on the day of march.