Public art is just that: art for the public

I am writing in response to Kane Cunningham’s letter dated October 11.

He is of course entitled to his opinions. However, I think the level of vitriol which accompanied them was a tad over the top and possibly driven by other needs on his part. His words did serve to offer your readers a glimpse into the world of professional art. It can be a hard and competitive arena. Someone once said, “When you pick up a pencil the first thing you should draw yourself is a thick skin”.

Personally I believe public art to be just that - art for the public and it should stand or fall on the public response to it. I also believe that the view of every person on the street is as valid as any student (or teacher) in any art class or any artist in any studio.

Thank you so much the people of Scarborough and Filey for the warm reception you have given to the sculptures. I have been overwhelmed by the support and kind words over the past year and have developed a real affection for your towns and the people in them that I doubt will ever leave me.

Ray Lonsdale

Abbeydale Gardens

South Hetton