Punch and Judy show back in North Bay - just for the day

Punch and Judy reboot''Picture by Neil Silk  123424b'24/08/12
Punch and Judy reboot''Picture by Neil Silk 123424b'24/08/12

There was a new attraction in North Bay – when a Punch and Judy booth was set up on the beach.

The old-fashioned seaside entertainment was given a re-boot with Punch as an unemployed track-suit sporting chav, his wife a wannabe WAG and the police office Boris Johnson.

The idea for the revival was that of Britsh comedy channel Gold. “Punch and Judy is 350 years old this year and we thought this was a good way of marking that,” said press officer Rosie Jones.

“We have given it a reboot to make it relevant to children and families,” she said.

Puppeteer James Arnott brought the characters ‘to life’ in a story that saw Mr Punch selling teh baby on an on-line auction site and being sent to jail by judge Simon Cowell.

“I thought it was great,” said Scarborough granddad Frank Johnson, who had brought his three-year-old granddaughter Olivia to the beach to see the free show. “I used to watch it on the sands when I was a kid and this brought back so many memories – althought Punch is not quite how I remembered him!”