Pupils learn from Lowry

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THE WORK of one of Britain’s greatest ever artists is being kept alive by a school project that has seen youngsters replicate the work of L.S Lowry.

Pupils at Braeburn Infants School have come together to create a painting in the ‘matchstick men’ style that is so synonyms with the Mancunian master.

And the painting, which hangs at the school’s entrance, looks so authentic that visitors will be shocked to find out that the realistic looking copy was painted by the school’s youngsters, who are aged between three and seven.

Every child in the school contributed to the painting, which covers a huge section of the reception wall.

Each class worked on a small section of the painting before the whole scene was assembled together with pictures drawn by children from the nursery.

Some year two children even attempted to create 3D ‘matchstick men’ sculptures, and it seems that the artists’ work has made a huge impression on the youngsters.

The portrait is a snapshot of the school at playtime, and the scene is buzzing with life and movement, and Lowry’s famously childlike style lent itself perfectly to the project.

One of the teachers involved in the project, Andie Barnard-Cousins, said that despite the huge-scale of the project, the end was result has been incredibly rewarding.

“We have had lots of positive comments made about the painting and the children should feel very proud of their individual contributions.

“It took a lot of planning to produce such a large scale piece of collaborative work. The children really have created a fascinating representation of school life.”