Pupils tweeted to special visit

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SCHOOL pupils had a hoot of a time when they were visited by a pair of owls.

The birds along with two owl experts spent the morning at Bramcote School, in Filey Road.

Pre school children enjoyed a close up encounter with the two barn owls Dawn and Izzy, while they learnt about owl behaviour and habits.

Tania Eyre, from the Hawk and Owl Trust, brought owl pellets for the youngsters to dissect, while Emma Walpole, from Flamingo Land, brought some birds for the children to meet.

Janes Eves, year one and two teacher at Bramcote School, said; “The children had a great time. They loved going through the pellets and taking them apart.

“They really enjoyed meeting the owls as they got to get really close to them and could feel them, and they even saw one of them fly.

“We have been studying owls this term, stemming from reading Jill Tomlinson’s The Owl Who is Afraid of the Dark.

“The visit was very good for their studies.

“It was wonderful for them to get to see an owl up close as because they are nocturnal many of the children and never seen an owl before.

“A few of the children sat there in absolute awe, and they have been talking about it ever since.”