Rally organiser remains defiant

By Melanie Jay
By Melanie Jay

The organiser of a Scarborough car rally says they will "come regardless" even if the borough council tries to stop them.

The Scarborough News understands the council last night agreed to close Marine Drive and Royal Albert Drive on Sunday May 28, the same day the Static Rally group was due to come to the town.

Ryan Linley of the Static Rally group, which organises the rally in Scarborough, said he was confused as to the reasons behind the reports of the road being closed.

He told The Scarborough News: "We bring three to four thousand people to Scarborough for these events, many of them spend the day in the town, spend a night in a hotel, eat, drink, play on the amusements. They put a lot of money into the economy.

"We work with the police and they have always been happy with us coming. We are just a group of people who love their cars and we love each other. People come from all over and we are all great friends. We've been coming to Scarborough for three years and the police have never had any problems with us. We thought we had a good relationship with the council too but obviously not.

"There are one or two idiots but they are often dealt with by a ticking off and we encourage everyone who comes to behave and not to block the road.

"We have people coming from Leeds, Birmingham, Wigan, Nottingham and beyond and it is always very popular with the locals.

"Also, every rally we do is for charity. We lost one of our members to cancer so we are raising funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust this year.

"Our members are already saying 'we will come anyway'. we will just turn up early or come another day with just one hours notice.

"I have spoken to some business owners in the town and they are fuming, absolutely fuming.

"I've been told nothing at all, I was told it's been rubber-stamped, but I don't know what it is."

The Scarborough News contacted Cllr John Nock who confirmed that the decision had been made to close the road but declined to give any information. He said: "We will be issuing a press release later."

When asked which committee had made the decision he said it was an "ad hoc committee".

There has been no further comment from the council.

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