Ramble round Reighton

Interior of St Peter's Church in Reighton.
Interior of St Peter's Church in Reighton.

written by Maureen Robinson

Step smartly into the New Year with this brisk, marching route along country lanes near Reighton. The ‘circular’ walk is little more than three miles of easy level walking. Work up an appetite for lunch – maybe at The Dotterel Inn – and then complete the day with a romp on Reighton Sands with any children or dogs.

Access to Reighton is by private or public transport. The No. 121 Bridlington bus departs Scarborough at 25 minutes past 9, and every hour, calling at villages in between. Wait opposite the railway station.

Reighton is a tiny village on the Bridlington road, which attracts visitors to its Reighton Sands, and view of Filey Bay and the Brigg.

Access. Travelling along the A165 Bridlington road from Scarborough, you go over two level crossings to pass Primrose Valley Holiday Park to your left. Passing Valentine’s Restaurant to the right, turn left along the original road to Reighton, not on the by-pass!

Enter Reighton, and note the sign to Reighton Sands off left, which you may decide to explore after your walk. At a white property in the dip – Manor House Honeysuckle – turn right off Church Lane along St Helen’s Lane. A short stretch of houses lead to a hedged lane. Seek to your left an old water pump and well which is an attractive feature and reminder of bygone days! Walk beneath the road bridge and read a ‘Give Way’ sign as you cross the Hunmanby road to continue south on a long, straight lane between fields, which gently ascends to present views between hedge gaps.

Open fields stretch away to the left, with only a few scattered trees. Approaching a weak road bridge, crossing the railway line, be wary of your weight! This is the North Burton Lane bridge. Continue for about 300m to meet a road junction. Here turn left on a signed Yorkshire Wolds Cycle Track, soon passing West Field Farm to your right. A small woodland lies beyond, and you just keep straight ahead towards trees on the horizon and a warning of road bends. East Field Farm is to your right, with a handsome gate-post. Immediately beyond, you re-cross the railway line which is far below, and continue to the roundabout. Notice the fine sculptures of a shepherd and his sheep! Here, keep straight ahead, ignoring the by-pass off left, and head for The Dotterel Inn, where a sign indicates the road to Reighton.

You may decide to take a refreshment break at The Dotterel, or continue into Reighton village. Prominently sited on an elevation to your right, features St Peter’s Church.

[*Do visit St Peter’s churchyard, with views over Filey Bay to Carr Naze and the Brigg. Stretches of the Wolds come into view from the hilltop. The church has undergone some re-building, but still retains some of the 12th or 13th century features. It has a charming simplicity. Set in the west end of the nave and under a 20th century tower are pebbles from the beach, a mile away. It’s a delightful touch, reminding us that the entire church was once paved like this. The Norman chancel arch has massive roll moulding and tilting sides. Admire the grand Norman font with richly-carved sides. The dainty lid is quite modern. You’ll find 13th century lancets in the chancel, and another at the east end of the aisle. On the nave wall is a mass dial.

Two famous people were born in Reighton. Hugh Edwin Strickland, born in 1811, had a grandfather named Edmund Cartwright, inventor of the power loom. As a schoolboy, Hugh explored Speeton Cliffs studying geology and fossils. His natural history pursuits took him to Africa and Asia, resulting in his writing interesting books.

The other famous person, born in 1760, was John Matson. He went into partnership with his father in Bridlington, building many houses. In 1806 he built the ‘new’ lighthouse at Flamborough Head, to replace the one built in 1672. He was a talented carver of tomb stones in Bridlington and in many other local churchyards.]

Leaving the church, pass the converted chapel as you descend to Manor House Honeysuckle, and your departure point on St Helen’s Lane.

Having completed your short walk, if you have your own transport do call at Reighton Sands on your 
return home.

Distance: 3 miles approximately.

Refreshment: The 
Dotterel Inn.

Map reference: Ordnance Survey Explorer 301 Scarborough, Bridlington and Flamborough Head. Scale 2½” to 1 mile.