Rare birds spotted off the Filey coastline

Twitchers are abuzz with some rare bird sightings in Filey and Flamborough.

An Icterine warbler was seen in Filey recently, along with a barred warbler.

Another highlight recently was the number of red-breasted flycatchers, with one of two of the males still sporting their orange-red throat patches.

A pair of these delightful little birds, which breed from Sweden eastwards and winter in India, were spotted at sites throughout North Yorkshire, including Filey and Flamborough, while another lingered in the Dell at the Bempton Cliffs RSPB reserve.

There was also plenty of activity for sea watchers as well, including the sighting of two grey phalaropes and a little auk off the coastline of Filey and Flamborough.

There has also recently been the sighting of some sabine gulls off the coast of Filey in recent weeks.