Re: Town Hall relocation.

You presented the arguments in your first edition of the new local paper “for and against the proposals”, one for and six against. This says it all, except there are two for, the other one being Jim Dillon.

Also, I dare say a few councillors are for, but there are also a lot against. This statistic will hopefully be reflected in the outcome of the public consultation. The immense collective wisdom of the five former heads of planning services, should not be allowed to be dismissed by two hard-headed and blinkered individuals who lack aspiration and inspiration and creativity when it comes to planning for our town’s future. Cllr Tom Fox also does not believe this move will impact on the business of the town. How does he know more about running a business in Scarborough, than those who earn their living through running their businesses?

Tom Fox says, “No standing still”. Yet suddenly at the time of the worst recession since the early 1930s, they want to embark on the riskiest project ever undertaken. All because, suddenly, £3m has been made available. In the view of many, the risks of accepting it and using it for their declared purposes far outweigh the risks of letting it drop, and going back to the drawing board and having a total re-think. This re-think should include inviting these five planners, and other extremely talented architects and urban designers (who we know have contributed to the public consultation), and who live in this town to take part. That would be a very responsible thing to do.

Patricia David

Filey Road