Re-united 68 years after the war

Rosemary Ford and Betty Lawrance
Rosemary Ford and Betty Lawrance

TWO cousins who had not seen each other since the Second World War have been reunited thanks to an article in the Evening News.

Rosemary Ford, of the Wirral, and Betty Lawrence, of Worcester, got back in touch after one of Betty’s relatives in Sawdon, near Scarborough sent her he copy of Down the Years.

The article was about Scarborough firm Bonnets as Mrs Ford’s grandfather, Louis Bonnet, opened the original shop in St Nicholas Street in 1880 and the business was then handed down to Rosemary’s father, Marcel.

The pair exchanged contact details via the Evening News and have now met up and keep in touch with regular phone calls.

Miss Lawrence, 83, said: “We were out of touch for 68 years, so this seems like a miracle really.

“The last time we saw each other was during the war when she came down and called on us in Worcester. I used to look at her as a big sister back then.”

She added: “When I saw her for the first time after all those years it was amazing. It’s lovely to be back in touch and we’re working together on our family history.”

Mrs Ford, 88, said she was also delighted that a quirk of fate had brought them back together.

She said: “It has all been quite astonishing. We have spent a good amount of money on phone calls to catch up!

“Now we speak every few weeks and we do have a lot in common. We think in the same way about many things.”

Another coincidence also meant that the pair were able to have a face-to-face reunion sooner than expected.

Miss Lawrence and her brother had booked a holiday in Betws-y-Coed in North Wales, which is not too far from where Mrs Ford lives.

They were able to meet up and this photograph was taken at the time.

Mrs Ford said: “We went out to lunch and had a good old chat. The first thing she said to me when I came through her gate was ‘Are you taller than me?’ because she said when we were younger, she always wished she was my height.

“We had so many questions for each other due to the lapse of so many years.”

The pair are now planning to keep in touch and send each other plenty of family photographs.

Rosemary Ford (left) with her long-lost cousin Betty Lawrence (submitted)