‘Reef barrier’ solution to sea defences

A reef of armour rock placed to seaward of Scarborough’s Spa beyond the lowest of the low spring tides, and standing proud of the yearly highest mean high water spring tides (MHWS) to form a break-water barrier to east and north east storm force gales, and to be open ended to allow for tidal flow.

This would give the leeward side a lagoon-like quality suitably safe for visitors and their children to enjoy the delights of rock pools and sand under the magnificent Spa wall which enhances the area while a reef of armour rock would act as a defence to the Spa complex as a whole from Neptune’s raging seas onslaught.

The reef would also act as a natural habitat for lobsters; a natural food source which would become a boon and a blessing in more ways than one to Scarborough’s blessings and delights.

Climatic change to the planet’s air and water envelope contribute to a need for forward thinking especially when related to sea level which change daily; no two days are ever alike.

A visit to Scarborough Art Gallery in The Crescent and to the lifeboat house and its roll of honour gives credence to a need for further careful considerations to be made on this whole issue.

We are not only an audience to this planet’s ever unfolding drama, we are also part of the world wide act as participants with responsibilities to the wholeness of nature, let us not forget.

D Lazenby

Scalby Mills Road