Relocation for Knipe Point?

Knipe Point landslip, and below, Michael Turner at the scene.
Knipe Point landslip, and below, Michael Turner at the scene.
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RESIDENTS on the knife-edge at Scarborough’s Knipe Point are hoping to relocate to Crossgates.

They have submitted a planning application to move to Saxon Park, off the B1261 Scarborough Road. The earmarked land adjoins a current development there of “luxury lodges”.

Scenesetters'Knipe Point update pictures'Picture by Neil Silk  120713a'15/02/12

Scenesetters'Knipe Point update pictures'Picture by Neil Silk 120713a'15/02/12

Michael Turner, secretary of the Knipe Point Owners Association, said residents had held a meeting and it was chosen as the preferred site. He said: “The council had been suggesting Muston Road in Filey – if we wanted to live in Filey we would have gone there.

“It’s the location, it’s a quiet place, the services and roads are already in there. People wanted to stay in Scarborough.”

He added that it was unclear what timescale the move would take. “We can’t proceed until properties are affected – things seem to have quietened down for now.”

Saxon Park was one of several sites which had been identified and the move will be made possible through a £1 million Pathfinder grant which was put forward by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to help rehome residents.

The money was awarded following a massive landslip at the Cayton Bay site in April 2008, which led to the demolition of three bungalows left teetering on the edge of the cliff.

Further landslips and more cracks have since appeared, leaving some of the remaining residents at risk.

However the scene at the beauty spot has remained largely unchanged since December 2010 when 20ft of land fell away during the bad weather.

A proposed variation of planning conditions at Saxon Park application has been submitted to Scarborough Council’s Planning Department and relates to 15 residents who are considered to be most at risk.

The report stated: “The residents of Knipe Point don’t wish to move, but feel they have to due to the stress felt by their homes that are at risk from the land erosion.

“To date there has been no significant movement in the last six months but it is felt by the residents to be most at risk in the wetter winter months.”

Other possible sites which were considered in the report included:

l Muston Road in Filey

l West Garth in Cayton

l Middle Deepdale

l Rosevale Caravan Park, Sandybed.

The report said that the Crossgates site had been chosen as the preferred option and representatives from the owners association had met with the owner to discuss financial implications.

It read: “During discussions it became clear that each plot would cost around £40,000 to £45,000 provisionally. The cost of the Muston Road site has yet to be determined and is felt by the Knipe Point residents that it would not provide such good value for money.

“Another valuable point in these discussions was the actual peace of mind that the Knipe Point residents would not only stay together as a community but would be able to live without the threat of either the current landslip issue or any possible flooding that the other sites may pose.”