Relocation of Town Hall

Referring to the Dillon Plan to relocate the Town Hall, your correspondent, Mr JA Strutt, exclaims, “So this is the so called renaissance!”

We need to be clear that this plan, in Dr Jack Binns’ words to, “exile borough government to Eastfield” has nothing to do with renaissance. In 2002, I was one of 23 signatories to the Renaissance Charter, which stated that: “We believe that the renaissance of Scarborough depends on a lively, active, high quality and safe town centre, where new housing, shops, facilities, attractions and investment should be concentrated”.

This statement was recently endorsed by Local Government Minister Grant Shapps, referring to the 12 Portas Pilot schemes, when he said, “The best local high streets offer more than simply shopping - they are the beating heart of their neighbourhoods: places to meet, work, relax and come together as a community.

“It is now clearer to me than ever that Britain wants its town centres revitalised and the energy and accountability for that needs to rest with the people who live and do business there”.

Everything I have heard from ‘true Scarborians’ makes it clear to me that the people of the town want a lively and viable town centre. Why are our current local government officials and some councillors no longer signed up to a charter which was put together by so many Scarborough people after great expense and effort?

Peter Cooper

Former vice-chairman

Scarborough Town Team

Dovecot Close