Remedy for eyesore?

Military adventure park plans
Military adventure park plans

THIS is how a new building aimed at combating an “eyesore” in Scarborough’s North Bay could look.

A planning application for a new structure at the Military Adventure Park has been submitted and it could be in place by the end of the month.

The former Atlantis, North Bay pool, as it looks today. Picture by Andrew Higgins 120649a  09/02/12

The former Atlantis, North Bay pool, as it looks today. Picture by Andrew Higgins 120649a 09/02/12

An artist’s impression of the enclosed area, which would be built at the entrance of the former Atlantis site, is pictured above.

David Hooper, managing director of the adventure park, said that he hoped the new steel structure would significantly improve the look of the park, which has come under fire from Scarborough residents.

He added: “We want to make the place look more aesthetically pleasing. I can understand people complaining – it looks like someone has chucked a bomb in there sometimes.

“As well as the building, we’ve got some more material coming for the track so it looks more like a proper road. We want to get some flowers around the place as well. It’ll make it much more family friendly.” Mr Hooper said the investment in the new building, which will cost between £15,000 and £20,000, represents a significant risk, given the lack of certainty over the future of the Military Adventure Park venture.

Currently, Mr Hooper is only guaranteed to be at the site for another year, although the contract may be extended.

The site is held on a short-term lease, with Scarborough Council and developer Benchmark hoping to find a more permanent use for the area in the long term. Mr Hooper added: “We’ll be there for one year and probably two, depending on the Sands development. But the uncertainty means this is a gamble. Nothing is set in stone.”

Shooting ranges will be housed within the structure, which will be coloured to match the surrounding buildings. Visitors to the park will have the chance to fire BB guns, paintball weapons, crossbows or airsoft taggers at targets.

It is hoped that the soundproof structure will reduce noise for residents in the nearby Sands apartments, who have raised concerns over the issue.

A small cafe and seating area, shown within the structure, will take up 40 square metres.

It is proposed that the new building will be 16 metres long, eight metres wide and just under four metres high.

Two of the three caravans at the entrance to the site, which had been criticised for their shabby appearance, will be removed while the other will be covered in camouflage material.

The planning application will go before Scarborough Council’s planning and development committee in the coming weeks.