Residents car park permit now open – here's all you need to know to save money in Scarborough borough car parks

Residents can now apply for a 'virtual' car park permit.
Residents can now apply for a 'virtual' car park permit.

Residents in Scarborough can now apply for and use their “virtual” car park permit to save money on their parking costs.

The new permit, which can be applied for online and have no cost, has gone live this month and has been dubbed “virtual” by Scarborough Council as has no physical form.

Instead, parking wardens will check the registration plates of cars against a database if they are displaying a discounted ticket from one of the authority’s car parks.

Ticket machines in off-street car parks now offer two tariffs for people to choose from when paying for their parking; a standard tariff and a residents’ discount tariff.

To use the residents’ discount tariff when buying a ticket, drivers must have registered their vehicle registration details with the council in advance and received confirmation that their virtual permit is active.

The saving compared to the standard price is 20%.

Applications for the virtual permit can be made online by selecting the ‘Resident discount permit’ option at

As part of the online application process, proof that a person’s car is registered to an address within the borough – such as a vehicle registration or motor insurance document that displays the address – will need to be uploaded.

Scarborough Council has produced an FAQ to help people with the new service:

What is a virtual permit?

A ‘virtual’ permit exists as a digital permit in the same way that road tax has been ‘virtual’ for the last few years. You will not have to display a paper permit in your car as long as the vehicle has a virtual permit in place.

Are there any other benefits?

Because the permits are virtual they can no longer be lost or stolen which saves residents the cost and inconvenience of applying for a replacement. Virtual permits cannot fall from view so the risk of receiving a Penalty Charge Notice for failing to clearly displaying a permit has gone.

How will Civil Enforcement Officers know who has a parking permit and who hasn’t?

Civil Enforcement Officers will use a handheld device with recognition software to link permit-holders to the number plate of their car.