Residents oppose council’s decision to fence off land near Old Scalby Mills site

I, and many other people, would like to know the reasoning behind the council’s decision to fence off the area opposite the Old Scalby Mills.

The following are some of the reasons we have been given, with our comments to these:

. “There have been complaints from local residents”. As far as we can ascertain there has been one complaint from a local resident.

. “Cars driving on and off the site represent a danger to oncoming traffic.” There is a perfectly clear all round view of the road in both directions and there has never been an accident there in living memory.

. “Cars driving on to the site cross a pedestrian walkway (ie a footpath) and double yellow lines”. Most people parking their own vehicles on their driveway do exactly the same thing day in day out.

Other points that need clarifying are as follows:

. The borough council, apparently, has always owned that particular piece of land and yet did not fence it off when they were in ownership of the pub; they have never maintained the grass on it; they have never erected No Parking signs on it.

. Several elderly and disabled people who regularly used to spend an enjoyable hour or so frequenting the pub during its quieter hours are now unable to park close enough to the pub to be able to walk to it and have had to be advised to apply for disabled stickers that they have previously eschewed applying for on grounds of pride. They will not abuse their privilege and park on the corner or on the bus stop.

. The council’s action has seriously jeopardised the business of the pub. There is little enough free parking space in Scarborough as it is, or is this the idea behind it? Make the punters pay for their parking as well as their beer?

. The current landlord has tried to come to some arrangement with the council to buy the site, to lease the site, to come to some mutually agreeable arrangement with council for the use of customers of the pub only to no avail. Why?

. And, by the way, what happens when Yorkshire Water need to maintain the pump currently on the site? When Yorkshire Water need to use parking spaces on the Sea Life Centre car park for their ongoing improvement project, there is going to be even less public parking available.

This area is one of particularly natural beauty, attracting many local people and visitors alike. In the summer, there are often no parking spaces to be had on the car park and I am sure that the residents of Scalby Mills Road will not appreciate their road being used as an overflow car park.

Naturalists, fishermen, kayak enthusiasts, dog walkers, as well as visitors and locals of the Old Scalby Mills, have used this area for parking for decades. Why should it only now be “dangerous” or “unsightly”?

I, and, as I say, very many others would like to read the council’s answer to the aforementioned points.

Anita Lucini

The Dene