Review: The Lobster Pot, Bridlington: Make sure you catch the Lobster’s chicken

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I had attempted to dine at the Lobster Pot before, but every time I arrived at the restaurant on the outskirts of Bridlington, it had always been packed – and I couldn’t get a seat.

Luckily my partner and I arrived on a fairly quiet Sunday evening and were promptly seated and served.

Most people would agree that crucial to a good dining experience is the surroundings in which you enjoy your food.

The Lobster Pot is a beautiful building, both exteriorly and interiorly. Inside, you will find a homely and comforting sight. The staff are all welcoming and very polite.

The Lobster Pot had an expectably decent selection of drinks to choose from. These included a variety of craft ales (much to my delight), lagers white and red wines and an abundance of tasty soft drinks.

I opted for a beer and my partner went for a posh-looking brand of apple juice we had never heard of before.

The menu is pretty much what you would expect from a chain pub - Sunday roasts, burgers, fish and chips.

But what makes the Lobster Pot stand out is its chicken to rival even Nandos (in my opinion).

It wasn’t until I sat down that I noticed the sleek and modern looking rotisserie oven.

There were three or four plump looking, roasted birds, turning over slowly inside.

I knew then, that I was destined to eat half a chicken that night.

But to start, we decided on a huge portion of shared nachos, smothered in cheese, sour cream, salsa and guacamole.

It’s a simple to make dish and hard to make a pig’s ear out of. Nonetheless, it was really tasty and couldn’t be faulted.

For our mains my partner went for a butternut squash, feta and pomegranate moussaka, while I ordered a half chicken, smothered in garlic and mushroom sauce, along with a whole baked potato and a side of homemade coleslaw.

The dish itself wasn’t the most appetising sight - half a bird draped in a greyish sauce and some mushrooms. But looks can be deceiving.

The chicken really was superb and had been cooked to perfection in the rotisserie oven. The meat was succulent and tender and the garlic mushrooms really brought it to life.

After the huge starter, I never thought I would be able to finish half a chicken. I don’t know if it was because it tasted so good, or the cooking process made it easier to wolf down, but I cleared my plate in little under 10 minutes.

My partner said her moussaka was lovely, but unlike me, she was unable to finish both a huge starter and a fairly large main in succession.

For dessert we both opted for a chocolate orange stack - chocolate chip orange mousse, layered with moist chocolate orange syrup sponge and topped with marbled chocolate ganache. Served with a generous pouring of double cream.

It sounded heavenly and certainly tasted nice, but seemed almost mass produced and looked like it came out of a packet.

But you don’t go to restaurants like the Lobster Pot for nouveau cuisine or sophisticated dishes.

You go for a relaxed atmosphere and a menu you can almost predict. It’s a perfect restaurant to end a lazy Sunday afternoon.