Rid the town of Savile’s curse

Following on from your excellent coverage of the appalling revelations about the late Jimmy Savile as they unfolded locally, surely it is now time for his name and memory to be completely eradicated from the association with Scarborough, which is a fine town and does not deserve all this dreadful publicity from the national media.

On the Radio 2 Jeremy Vine show the main subject again, as each day brings more shocking revelations, the subject of the possible exhumation and cremation of Savile’s remains was discussed. Surely, after even more horrifying revelations were recounted by victims of this man, then surely they way forward is now for the Board of Woodlands Cemetery to request Savile’s family and business friends in Scarborough - or obtain a Court Order - to have the remains exhumed at night (as in the custom, with the Rural Dean present), and then at the end of the following working day the remains can be cremated within ‘on site’ (“last one in”) at the crematorium within the grounds of Woodlands. Very straightforward and no fuss. Thereafter, the ashes to be given to the family for disposal/or dumped out at sea off the Scarborough coast, or put in the same landfill site as the gravestone.

Then, and only then, will Scarborough be truly free from “the curse of Savile”.

To me, the most sinister of all the revelations to come out about Savile (up to now) is his connection with the Jersey children’s care home, which he visited.

This whole ghastly business makes one shudder.

PS Suggestion regarding the site of the Savile grave once the remains have been exhumed: The site to be turned into a beautiful garden for a children’s charity (suggest the NSPCC) and paid for out of the Savile estate - I’m sure his family and Scarborough business friends would readily agree.

M Kirkby

Providence Place