Road safety gets £3m boost on A64 at Ganton

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A major investment of £3 million is being ploughed into road safety measures on the A64 at Ganton - much to the delight of campaigners.

The money is being made available from North Yorkshire County Council and will be spent on resurfacing, road markings, improved signage and pedestrian refuge at Ganton.

Neil Rogers, chairman of the Ganton Road Safety Campaign, said: “We were pleased to hear that we’ll have the pedestrian refuge - or crossing point - hopefully by the end of the year.

“It’s something we’ve been promised for a long time.”

He said that although the £3 million is a very welcome investment, he expects that much of it will be eaten up by resurfacing costs rather than other safety measures.

Mr Rogers, who has campaigned with the group for a number of years, is also hoping that the bus stop on the westbound carriageway at Ganton will be moved to a safer position, which will involve the creation of a new lay-by.

He said: “At the moment buses just have to stop in the road - it’s not the best-thought-out position.”

Mr Rogers is now hoping to meet with highways officers again in the next month or two to look at what will happen next.

He said: “I can’t praise highways enough - they’ve been fantastic. Our working relationship has been second to none.”

And though members of the campaign group are pleased with recent developments, they are still pushing for further safety measures to be put in place, such as a reduced speed limit through Ganton and dualling along the A64.

Anne McIntosh, MP for Thirsk, Malton, has welcomed the funding announcement, saying: “These improvements to road safety are excellent news for villagers of Ganton.

“The stretch of A64 at Ganton is amongst the most dangerous in North Yorkshire and the country.

“The level of casualties and fatalities are unacceptably high on the A64 between Malton and Staxton. The works which North Yorkshire County Council is carrying out will improve the safety of all those living in Ganton, especially school children crossing to catch the school bus each way as well as elderly, and other vulnerable road users.”

She added: “I pay tribute to the Ganton Road Safety Campaign Group for all their work, which I have been proud to support.

“The campaign however, continues until we have the A64 dualled between York and Scarborough.”