Road surfaces are just not fit for purpose

A few weeks ago I complained about the mess made by council grass cutters, but that was nothing compared to what is happening around the Eastfield area.

An army of men in “high viz” jackets, vehicles large and small, all with flashing orange warning lights, and signage “A” boards popping up everywhere. Beware the loose chippings are back, cheap, nasty, sticky, and dangerous to all road users. North Yorkshire County Council are once again papering over the cracks, and why are they doing roads that don’t need doing, like the road through Osgodby?

My view is for the amount we pay in taxes the roads should be done properly, not spraying wet tar down and spreading stone chips on top - a quick fix today costs more tomorrow, and it won’t stop or fill in the dreaded potholes.

We spend thousands on vehicles and road fund tax and insurance, and insurance companies should complain to the Minister for Transport over poor road surfaces due to the claims going into them, and the loose chippings cause havoc to windscreens, and paintwork, and even puncture radiators by flying stone chips.

Already along Cayton Low Road the road surface is just black and wet tar, most of the chippings have been pelted into the gutters by the 40 ton wagons pounding the road, this type of road surface is not fit for purpose.

Yes I am on my soap-box, why shouldn’t I be? I am tired of paying out good money for a poor service, while this Government throws good money away to others bailing out countries and banks by the billion. More people should complain.

J Large

Shire Croft