Road taxes: motorists get such a poor deal

With the invention of the motor car and the inflatable tyre it was necessary to build new roads and up date the lanes and by ways used by the horse drawn coaches. To pay for this massive development a new tax was introduced, the Road Fund Licence Tax, to finance this ongoing investment and insure they were maintained to a high standard.

As the vehicle population expanded and the tax receipts exceeded the costs of maintenance, it was decided to change the name of Road Fund Licence Tax to Car Tax giving the impression it was still the same, in effect it now disappears into the treasury coffers along with general taxes so there is no easy access for road repairs work.

The people responsible have to go with ‘cap in hand’ and begging bowls to get what should be readily available.

Now we are told new roads will have to be made with private funding which means charges to use the roads, toll roads. We already pay in excess of £60 million a year in tax of which only about a quarter is used on road works. Surely in fairness we should have a better deal?

Mr A Brignall

Hall Park Grove