Rock trio release EP

ROCK / alternative band Everyone an Army are riding high on the success of a new EP.

A Coastal Dance on the Grave of Romance is an ode to Scarborough, its inhabitants, loss and loneliness, with a dash of hope.

“It’s a fairly bleak affair by our standards”, say the trio, who played at Coastival with the York University Jazz Orchestra last month.

“After spending last year playing all over the UK to promote our last EP, we spent the beginning of this year recording the follow- up.

“We formed in winter ‘09 and set about writing an original set of songs which hopefully people would notice as unique and exciting.

“We’re influenced by bands like the Smiths, Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead and Oceansize. But we wanted to write music we weren’t getting from anywhere else, music we would like to hear from other bands, which is how all music should be approached, rather than wanting to dive on a bandwagon.

“And although it’s a sin to pigeonhole, we would say we play our own brand of loud, alternative rock.

“This year will see us playing all over the UK to promote the new four-track EP as well as a few things we have up our sleeves which we can’t reveal too much of yet, but we’d like to think we’re going to smash 2011”.