Rose-tinted view of Savile

If I may I would like to comment on the letter from Eric Flounders (a Scarborian) of Bow Road London regarding ‘Pre-judging a generous man.

I find some of his comments quite staggering.

His comment of Savile never misbehaving whilst in his company begs belief. Of course he did not misbehave in front of ‘friends’ other than it seems whilst in company of equally famous celebs who were allegedly doing the same as he was with young girls. On the reports now in the public domain he was normally on his own.

As for all those now middle aged or even elderly who were just young mainly innocent girls that have complained of what he did to them. There may indeed be odd ones that have got onto the band wagon and are chancing their arm in the hope of getting compensation. But, there has been too many come forward from various parts of the country all with the same recollections of Savile’s behaviour. As some say, they complained and some were punished and told they were making it up and others just ignored. Like most have said, ‘who would believe a young girl against a famous person like Savile’.

No one disputes that he raised a lot of money for charity but one now questions if that was indeed used as a cover for his gaining access to the vulnerable.

Jimmy Savile bought a flat in Scarborough that was in the first place for his mother and which he continued to occasionally stay at after she died as and when he came to the town. Mr Flounders states, “he was particularly generous to the town”. Maybe he could explain just what generosity that was. As far as I am aware there were no charity donations to any organisations in Scarborough from him.

He was not loyal to Scarborough at all, he had a flat here as he had in many other places.

It is documented that he was removed from the SS Canberra years ago for inappropriate behaviour with a young girl. The captain landed him in Cape Town.

Mr Flounders possibly needs to remove his rose tinted glasses and then he may see Jimmy Savile in the way that most people now see him since his cover has been blown.

The sad thing is that Savile is not alive to face a judge to answer charges that I am sure would have been served on him.

PJS Waller

Woodville Avenue