Row over Bolts goes on as plans set to go in again

Local campaigners hope to save the bolts on Sandside.Picture Richard Ponter 125153b
Local campaigners hope to save the bolts on Sandside.Picture Richard Ponter 125153b

The fight over plans to close The Bolts passageway at night is facing yet more time before a resolution can be reached as formal applications have to be resubmitted.

Two Scarborough businessmen had applied to Scarborough Council to gate off the historic passageway, which runs behind their eateries in Sandside, to protect their staff from anti social at night.

The application was processed by the authority, and advertised online resulting in much controversy with many writing to planning officers both against and in favour of the plans.

However ahead of the matter going before the planning committee, officers decided that the application should not be dealt with by the Borough Council but infact needed to be submitted to North Yorkshire County Council.

Guilian Alonzi, who runs the Harbour Bar icecream parlour, and is behind the application, says he will still proceed with his hopes of gating off The Bolts after hours.

He said: “We are completely puzzled. The council accepted our application, they advertised it, and they consulted on it. Then after all that they decided it wasn’t them that should deal with it afterall.

“We have since been in talks with the County Council to find out what proceedure we need to follow in submitting our application to them.

“From my point of view I have great respect for the people that work for me and I will do everything I can to keep them safe.”

Equally keen in their stance is Laurin Mainprize, who lives in the only residential property in The Bolts, and is heading a petition against any closure.

She said: “We made ourselves heard over the first application and we will do everything we can to make our views heard again.”

Ms Mainprize and the objectors believe the night-time gates could lead to a more permanent closure of The Bolts, which they feel is a big part of the town’s heritage. However Mr Alonzi stresses he is only seeking to close the passageway at night.