Rugby club applies to make noise

THE VOLUME at Scarborough’s rugby ground could be turned up this season, if new proposals get the go-ahead.

Scarborough Rugby Union Football Club have applied to be able to play amplified music, jingles and tannoy announcements at rugby matches and certain other events at their Silver Royd ground in Scalby.

However, the proposals could met with some resistance from local residents, with Scarborough Council saying they have “received ongoing complaints relating to noise emanating from the club over recent years.”

Previously, the club had to obtain prior permission from the council if it wanted to play amplified music or sound at special events.

The club say that the condition of their licence that required the club to gain prior consent from the council did not apply to rugby matches.

However Graeme Young, chief executive of Scarborough Rugby Union Football Club, said the request to allow amplified music and announcements during rugby matches had been included in the application to Scarborough Council “in the interests of openness.”

He added: “By offering all of these details for public consultation we believe we are acting in a fair and responsible manner.”

As well as rugby matches, the club has said it hopes to be able to play amplified music at non-rugby events it hosts, such as the St Catherine’s Hospice It’s a Knockout competition.

The rugby club have said the sound would be limited so as not to cause a nuisance to neighbours and would finish at no later than 7pm.

Music could also be played at sports festivals and tournaments, such as the mini rugby festival.

Jingles would be played when teams take to the field, when tries are scored and during the end of festival presentations.

The public can currently make representations on the proposals on the council’s website.