Rugby club boss ‘laughing stock’ fears due to noise row

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Scarborough Rugby Club risks being dubbed “a laughing stock” as a result of being banned from playing the national anthem, its chief executive fears.

The club’s first international game between England Colleges and Irish Exiles, which is being held a week today, requires the playing and singing of the nation’s songs.

But due to restrictions imposed by Scarborough Council, which ban amplified music and jingles from being played, the ground will fall silent.

The club’s chief executive Graeme Young said: “This ridiculous situation highlights the draconian constraints which the rugby club must try and operate in. Scarborough again is reduced to a laughing stock by having the only rugby club in the country which is banned from playing the national anthem by local politicians. Perhaps every council-owned venue in town should have the same restriction imposed.”

The Silver-Royd-based is now appealing to brass bands in the town to get in touch if they are available to play the national anthem on match day.

The club has been battling for more than two years for the right to play music at games after councillors chose to ignore planning advice and amend a key licensing clause. A public inquiry scheduled for June 6 is expected to finally bring an end to the long-running noise spat.

Mr Young added: “The almost total support we receive from the wider Scarborough community and the vast majority of Scalby residents further motivates us to continue the flight against this injustice.”