Rugby inquiry decision could finally be on way

Scarborough Rugby Club .Picture Richard Ponter 140443b
Scarborough Rugby Club .Picture Richard Ponter 140443b

An end may be in sight the long-running battle between Scarborough Rugby Club and the borough council over the club’s plans to lift restrictions on playing music over its loudspeaker system.

A public inquiry into the club’s appeal against the council’s decision to refuse it permission was heard in June last year but since then there has been no noise coming from the Planning Inspectorate.

Now the club has been informed that the inspector is back on the case.

Graham Young, chief executive of the club, said: “The planning inspector can take as long as they need and there is no set time for the decision but seeing as how we lodged this appeal back in October 2012 we got in touch to say that it was dragging on a bit.

“We were told that the inspector had actually been off work with a serious illness but had now returned and that a 
decision on our inquiry had been moved to the top of her list so, fingers crossed, we should be hearing something either way soon.”

There is still no set time-frame for a decision to be handed down but the fact that it has been expedited to the front of the queue has given both sides cause for optimism.

The Silver Royd-based club is already permitted to use its PA system for match announcements, but it wished to use it for tunes and jingles after tries have been scored in particular games across the year.