Runners ready for the off at Flamingo Land

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Flamingo Land Theme Park and Zoo at Kirby Misperton is holding its second annual 10K event on Saturday.

The event, held in partnership with CIRCLE, a University of York founded conservation project, will give 600 people the chance of running past Flamingo Land’s most iconic attractions.

The run aims to raise £6,000 profit for African forest conservation in the Magombera forest, Tanzania.

So far, the donations raised have helped thousands of African villagers, promoting education and development.

This has been achieved whilst protecting forest sustainability and the vulnerable species which live there, including the threatened Red Colobus Monkey and the Magombera Chameleon.

A spokesman for Run Britain said: “While the run is taking place spectators can either enter the park and watch for an admission fee or sit and unwind in our Spectator area by the start and finish line, where food and drinks will be available to everyone.

“All runners should please feel free to dress up in animal costumes if they fancy.

“It’s up to them how far they take the animal theme- all animals of part-animals are welcome.”