Russ to Speak on UFO Sightings

SCARBOROUGH will be making international headlines after it was revealed that the area has become the latest hotspot for UFO sightings.

Russ Kellett, a Filey-based UFO investigator, will be interviewed by a major American broadcaster and a Japanese TV station in the wake of the revelations.

Tomorrow he will be interviewed for ABC News after the station spotted a recent story in the Evening News.

He said: “They seemed to be really interested. They said they had seen me on the internet and were really interested in my story. They contacted me because of your article.”

The article was published last month and offered a possible explanation for an unusual sight in the sky above Osgodby. A video had appeared on a national newspaper’s website which showed a strange formation moving about.

Mr Kellett said at the time that he had witnessed similar sightings in the past and the phenomenon was caused by flocks of birds.

He said: “North Yorkshire is a hotspot. We’ve had just as many sightings here as other areas which have been hotspots. These areas change from time to time. You will get a lot of things going on and then it will cool off.”

As well as recent sightings Mr Kellett will be talking about historic sightings from this area including the Silpho Saucer in the 1950s and when a jet fighter crashed off Flamborough Head in 1970.

The small saucer was said to have landed near Silpho in November 1957 and was said to have been witnessed by three men.

The object was reported to have weighed 35lb, was 18in in diameter and covered in strange symbols. It was claimed the saucer also contained a copper book, with 17 thin sheets, which were covered in more than 2,000 words.

It was later proved to have been a hoax and it was believed to have been built in a workshop in a back street off North Marine Road.

The Lighning jet fighter was piloted by Captain William Schaffner of the United States Air Force – a vastly experienced pilot with combat experience behind him in Vietnam.

He reported seeing a strange object flying alongside him before he ditched in the North Sea. When the wreckage was recovered, a month later, the cockpit was empty and no trace of the pilot’s body could be found.

Mr Kellett has organised two UFO conferences in the Scarborough area and agreed that reported sightings in this area had increased over recent months but added that verifying their authenticity was more difficult in the age of email.

He said: “When it was handwritten you had something solid and you could still check a person’s identity.”

Mr Kellett said that it was more difficult to check an anonymous email. He added: “I don’t take their reports seriously if you can’t get back to that person on a landline I don’t want to know.” that’.

He first became interested in the subject after he experienced a “close encounter” in West Yorkshire, in 1988, when he was at a level crossing.

He said: “I was hit by a beam of light. I was on my motorbike and it was coming from above. I thought it was my friend messing about. I looked round and there was nothing.

“Then I realised that the light was coming down from the sky.”

At the time he thought nothing more of the event until the next day at work when people asked if he had seen himself in the mirror – his face and hands were completely sunburned.