Sailing exploits in book

Sailing to Skye by Alana Parker
Sailing to Skye by Alana Parker

A SCARBOROUGH woman has had her first book published.

Alana Parker will launch her new title Sailing to Skye at an event tomorrow.

She said: “The book is the tale of our sailing trip from Scarborough to the Isle of Skye on our yacht Grautvornix.

“The journey covers the coastal ports, talks about the characters we met along the way and the sea conditions we encountered.

“More than anything, it relates the feeling of sailing through the beautiful Scottish scenery of some of ‘the best sailing grounds in Europe’ – a quote from the skipper of a Dutch sailing barge whom we met along the way.”

The book launch will be held at Scarborough Yacht Club, on the lighthouse pier, at 1.30pm tomorrow.