Sami’s time on TV ends with date

Sami Sadler Take Me Out
Sami Sadler Take Me Out

A SCARBOROUGH girl’s TV journey will come to an end tomorrow.

Sami Sadler, 18, appeared on five episodes of ITV’s hit dating show Take Me Out, before she left her light on long enough to be picked for a date by gym manager Jake.

Their date, which involved snorkelling with turtles, will be broadcast tomorrow

“It’s been weird being on TV,” said Sami. “My family would get together and watch it but I was cringing at myself. I just watched it on my own.

“I thought I could have a good laugh with Jake – he seemed really funny and cheeky. I didn’t want someone too big headed.”

Sami and Jake were whisked away to Tenerife, known on the show as the Isle of Fernando’s, for their date.

The four couples who paired up on last week’s episode were taken to the island at the same time.

“All the girls travel together, and we had a full day and night out there,” Sami added.

“Then on the second day we have our date and fly home on the third day.

“I’m really nervous because we don’t know what we said about each other in our interview. He might say ‘she was horrible!’ But we’re still in contact and I think we got on well.”

Sami is also in touch with several of her fellow contestants and is particularly close with ditzy Burnley 20-year-old Abi-Scarlett Howard.

l To see Sami’s date tune into ITV 1 at 8.30pm tomorrow.