Saucy take on classic songs

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THERE are three things I love about Sheffield: my wife, the Olympian Jessica Ennis and the Everly Pregnant Brothers.

This band is as spicy and saucy as Sheffield’s much loved Henderson’s Relish – which they sing about.

The seven guys got together over a drunken bet between Pete McKee, who has an exhibition at the gallery, and Richard Bailey (Bails).

They play tunes we all know and love, but with a Sheffield twist. Their weapon of choice for this musical extravaganza is the ukulele.

They tell us cautionary tales of everyday life, from partners on alternative shifts with the song Neets (a take on Radiohead’s Creep) to my favourite No Oven, No Pie.

Based on the Bob Marley classic No Woman, No Cry, it tells the story of Shaun, the lead singer’s nanna, making a pie. But the pilot light has gone out on the oven. It always puts a smile on my face and a tingle on the back of my neck.

The crowd at the Spa was really getting into the swing of music that the great people of South Yorkshire get to hear once a month at the City Hall.

When it came to the last song of the day, the brothers had the crowd eating out of their hands, as we were all singing at the top of our voices a hearty rendition of Kings of Leon’s Sex on Fire, rewritten as Chip Pan’s on Fire