Savile should be stripped of knighthood

I was shocked to read in Sunday’s Telegraph (October 7) Cllr Bill Chatt’s remarks about Jimmy Savile with regard to the cliff top pathway being called Savile’s Way.

He argues that the name should remain and his statue must still be erected.

Jimmy Savile has done a lot for Scarborough he says.

These allegations do not detract from the good work he did when he was here, raising so much money.

I am absolutely appalled by the allegations. I just think they are separate things.

He was honoured because of the great work he did, and that has not changed.

When I read the above comments I wondered if Cllr Chatt would feel the same way had it been his daughter.

I feel if these allegations are true; he should be stripped of his knighthood and the freedom of this town.

Cecil Ridley

Hillcrest Avenue