Scarborough and Filey could feature in new TV adaptation

The story is set in the Yorkshire Coast
The story is set in the Yorkshire Coast

Scarborough and Filey could star in a possible TV drama telling the story of the last Russian Tsar -  if he had survived assassination.

A new novel, The Two Lives of Grand Duke Michael, written by Michael Roman, tells the fictional tale of the last Emperor of Russia had he survived an assassination attempt.

Scarborough and Filey feature greatly throughout, with allied war commanders and heads of state meeting at The Grand Hotel in Scarborough and the Russian Crown Jewels being buried in Filey Bay.

Combining historical facts and figures with fascinating fiction, the new novel delves into the ‘second life’ of Grand Duke Michael – after all his body was never found and at the time he was widely rumoured to still be alive.

A TV adaptation is already a possibility, and writer and producer Nicholas Jones says he first got involved in the adaptation as he studied the Russian Revolution at university.

The 58-year-old, who has been producing for 30 years, said: “Readers should expect a well-plotted story with plenty of action, that becomes a poignant romance.”

Filming could take place along the coast and at the Grand Hotel. Nicholas added: “It would be lovely to film there, though we have not yet made any approaches as it is such early days.

“But the hotel is a key part of the story and we want to reflect the fact that the Grand Hotel has such a magnificent history.”

Author of the novel, Michael Roman, said he always had a fascination with the Romonaovs. Mr Roman decided to set the novel on the Yorkshire Coast due to its strategic location and prestigious rank at the time.

He said: “ Scarborough in 1918 was a pleasant and wealthy resort boasting the biggest and grandest hotel in Europe, The Grand.”

There was also likelihood that Grand Duke Michael would have met Robert Blackburn while living in England who carried out pioneering early flight from Filey bay.

It made the Yorkshire coastline an ideal spot to return to Petrograd quickly if needed. The book is now available from stores in Scarborough and Filey.