Scarborough borough 'is losing tourism due to lack of electric car charging points'

Plea for more electric charging points in Scarborough
Plea for more electric charging points in Scarborough

Scarborough borough councillors have made a plea for more electric car charging points to be included as part of planning applications in the future.

Members of the authority’s planning committee made their feelings clear during a meeting at Scarborough Town Hall yesterday after learning another application did not include dedicated charging points.

The committee was discussing an application for the layout and appearance of 29 new homes in Eastfield and heard from its planning officers that due to the fact that as the parking spaces were not “in the curtilage of the property” it fell outside of the council’s policy in requiring charging points.

A number of councillors felt the authority should be doing more to encourage the use of electric cars.

Cllr Clive Pearson (Con) said: “Are we looking into charging points in a big way? We should be as it’s going to grow rapidly and we are going to fall behind everyone else because at the moment we are falling behind what Scotland is doing and we are losing tourism because of it.”

The council’s planning manager, David Walker, told the committee the council could look to build on during its review of the local plan.

Cllr Phil Trumper (Con) added: “There is talk of banning petrol and diesel cars by 2040. These properties without electric charging points will not be sustainable if that’s the case.”

The council added the need for electric charging points as an “informative” on the planning application for land to the north of Westway and to the east of High Eastfield Farm, meaning the request can be made of the developer but the developer does not have to comply with it.