Scarborough College's cricket pavilion destroyed in devastating fire

The cricket Pavilion of Scarborough College has been completely destroyed by a fire that broke out last night.

The cricket pavilion.
The cricket pavilion.

Firefighters were called out around 8.40pm to reports of a blaze on the Filey Road site.

Although crews managed to extinguish the fire, the damage caused is irreparable.

Headteacher Guy Emmett said: "The old pavilion has been completely destroyed alongside everything that was inside.

The cricket pavilion.

"Our first thoughts are that nobody was hurt but then we are devastated to have lost such a beautiful, historic building. But the important thing is that we will rebuild it and bring the history and memories back."

The cricket pavilion regularly hosted rugby and cricket fixtures as well as teams competing in the cricket festival. Mr Emmett said it was used "all the time".

The cause of the blaze is still unknown; an investigation is ongoing.