Scarborough Council moves to ban car cruises

Organising, taking part in or attending a car cruise that does not have express permission from Scarborough Council could soon become an offence punishable by a fine.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 5th June 2018, 12:02 pm
Updated Tuesday, 5th June 2018, 12:07 pm
By Melanie Jay
By Melanie Jay

The authority is looking to clamp down on the events in Marine Drive, which attract thousands of cars and visitors.

Council officers say they are acting following issues at previous events, including damage to the road surface caused by drivers burning tyres and noise complaints.

At one meet last year, £50,000 worth of damage was caused to the road surface. A man was later prosecuted by police.

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The proposed Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) states: "The Order is intended to stop persons at all times within the restricted area from engaging in the following activities:

1. Participating in Car Cruising;

2. Promoting, organising or publicising Car Cruising (including but not limited to via email, the internet, social media, or via any publication or broadcast medium);

3. Attending any meeting in a public place (as defined by the Act) either as a vehicle owner, driver, passenger or spectator where a reasonable person would consider that Car Cruising was or is taking place."

The report, which will be considered by the cabinet on Tuesday next week, states: "This proposal is being considered because of the concerns raised about safety and anti-social behaviour at previous events.

"The events also require considerable Police and Council resources.

"Unlike other events, such as the Goldwings Parade, the “car cruises” are not formally organised events and the Council and the Police have no control over the timing of events, nor the numbers that may attend.

"Events are not risk assessed and lack a formal “responsible body” that can manage such events. In addition, no public liability insurance is in place.

"It is acknowledged, however, that these events have taken place in Scarborough for a number of years and that many people enjoy them both as participants and visitors.

"The majority of participants are responsible, however, there have been increasing levels of concern about the safety of such unauthorised events on the public highway, as well as concerns about antisocial behaviour.

"Extensive consultation has been undertaken and the views on both sides considered and on balance, it is considered that a PSPO would be a reasonable response and a useful tool to discourage dangerous and anti-social activity, as part of a multi-agency, integrated response to tackling anti-social behaviour."

The council will have the authority to grant permission for cruises to take place.

Ryan Linley, who organises the Static Royal car meets, which brings upwards of 3,000 vehicles to Scarborough says he will never be coming again.

He said: "They tell us we can apply but we know what's happening, we will never be given permission.

"It is the end of an era, we will not be coming back.

"My issue with this is we do not believe it is being done fairly. If you want to bring this in then fine but they are targetting us and other clubs like us.

"Scarborough has a long motoring history and this is such a shame, it is sad.

"Technically, this would apply the people who go down to Marine Drive on a night and sit and chat in their cars but are they going to taget them or is it just, as I think, aimed at us.

"I honestly don't see how the police are going police this fairly."