Scarborough couple celebrate 60 happy years together

Susan and Allen Carley
Susan and Allen Carley

A diamond couple who are “always laughing” have celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.

Allen and Susan Carley met at a dance at the Royal Hotel in Scarborough in February 1958 and their romance blossomed.

Susan and Allen Carley

Susan and Allen Carley

Susan, who has recently celebrated her 80th birthday, said it was love at first sight and they were married five months after they met, on June 21.

Originally from Hartlepool, Allen, 83, who had returned from two years’ service in the RAF in Australia, was holidaying in the town when they met.

“It was love at first sight but my husband says that he was drunk,” Susan joked.

When they first married they ran the Northway Restaurant for three years before buying a guest house to run called the Lylack Dean when the couple decided to have children.

The proud pair have two daughters and a son, six grandchildren and three great grandsons.

Susan said: “We’ve always been busy. We enjoyed dancing together for years but we stopped a few years ago. I had a shoulder operation and there’s nowhere to go in Scarborough now really.”

The pair both have a passion for dancing and enjoyed gliding around a ballroom for decades.

Now they enjoy going for strolls along the seafront and watching visitors enjoy themselves.

They say their secret to a long and happy marriage is having a laugh with each other.

Susan said: “ We’re always jolly and laughing and we never grumble.

“We have always been close and I guess a lot of people aren’t. We don’t expect too much of each other.”

The couple celebrated their special day on Thursday June 21 with afternoon tea at the Palm Court Hotel.