Scarborough driver arrested for the third time in three days for suspected drug driving and driving without insurance

A man who was arrested twice in 24 hours on suspicion of drug driving has now been arrested again -the third time in three days.

Tuesday, 22nd January 2019, 8:08 am
Updated Tuesday, 22nd January 2019, 8:26 am
Results from yesterdays drug sample at the roadside

After his second arrest the man's van was taken to a compound for causing an obstruction in the road following a crash into a parked car.

Scarborough Police were called to the recovery compound at 11.30am yesterday morning to find the vehicle had been taken. The driver reportedly "turned up demanding access to his vehicle and was being aggressive towards staff, entering a restricted area and refusing to leave".

Image from the incident on Scalby Road yesterday afternoon. Image from Scarborough Police

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On arrival, Police also found that the man had driven there using a different vehicle that wasn't his nor was he insured to drive it.

A spokesperson from Scarborough Police said: "He provided yet another positive drug sample at the roadside, this time showing cocaine as well as cannabis in his system.

"Suffice it to say, the driver was yet again arrested on suspicion of driving whilst over the specified drug limit and also for driving without insurance - his third time in three days. He was taken to Scarborough Custody where the evidential bloods procedure was then performed.

"Unfortunately, his veins were not in good condition after being subjected to previous attempts to gain blood over the last couple of days, and we were unable to proceed. As a result, we have had no choice but to take no further action with respect to today's drug driving.

"He has, however, been charged with driving without insurance and will appear at court in a few weeks time."

The driver has been released with bail conditions not to be in the driver's seat of any vehicle on a public road.

PC Liam Cromack of Scarborough Police said: "This is a clear example of someone who has no regard for the law or the safety of other road users. One arrest for drug driving is simply unacceptable, let alone three in three days.

"Rest assured, we will continue to work within the law to target drink and drug drivers in and around Scarborough."

Details of the man's first two arrests can be seen here.