Scarborough holidaymakers left in limbo following airline collapse

Adam Stewart and Gemma Ireland woke up to the news this morning while holidaying in Tenerife
Adam Stewart and Gemma Ireland woke up to the news this morning while holidaying in Tenerife

Scarborough holidaymakers have been affected as it was announced this morning that Monarch Airlines has collapsed.

Gemma Ireland and her partner Adam Stewart woke up this morning, in Tenerife, to news that the airline had collapsed and gone into administration.

The 33-year-old mum, who is currently in Playa de las Americas, said: "The first we knew anything about it was when we woke up this morning.

"We've had no communication from Monarch. I got in touch with our rep as we are on a package deal but she admitted that she didn't even know if she had a job any more.

"She said she'd ring me back but she never did. We've ended up sorting it out ourselves."

Now instead of a simple four hour flight back to Manchester they are flying do London Gatwick - where a coach will take them the remainder of their journey. But thankfully their new flight is less than an hour from when they were due to fly.

Gemma added: "We will be flying back to Gatwick and then we're getting a coach but we wouldn't have known that if it wasn't for the Civil Aviation Authority website.

"We'll now be looking to get back at tomorrow lunch time. I'm just hoping it will all go smoothly now."

The couple had gone away for a one-week break last Monday and Gemma said she had nothing but praise for Monarch until the events of today.

She added: "It's really stressful. Luckily we're of that age where we can go online and look into it ourselves but some older couples here didn't know anything about it until family back home called."

Around 860,000 customers are affected by Monarch Airlines going into administration, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has said.

This includes 110,000 who are currently abroad and 750,000 with future bookings.

The CAA said it had been asked by the Government to charter more than 30 aircraft to bring the passengers home, with Transport Secretary Chris Grayling calling it the “biggest peacetime repatriation” effort.

Another Scarborough resident who had booked up with Monarch is Gilly Collinson, of Stepney, who is currently grounded in San Pedro, Spain.

She said: "There are worse places to be stranded than southern Spain! Given the ongoing devastation caused by the earthquake in Mexico City, where my son lives, and today's horrific shooting in Las Vegas, by comparison this is just a first-world inconvenience, not a crisis.

"I feel most sorry for the staff - it just shows that old-fashioned business models don't work any more. I've had some great, cheap flights from Leeds with Monarch in the past, and will miss it."

Jamie Griffin, who lives in Seamer, is currently holidaying in Cyprus and is due to fly back on Wednesday October 4.

He said: "I haven't heard a thing from Monarch on when or if my flight will be replaced with another I am just waiting in limbo checking the website all the time but it says nothing regarding my flight.

"My parents are out here but I came on my own on the 23rd," added the 25-year-old. "It's very frustrating as I have a joinery business to run at home and I have no idea what is going on Fortunately I have somewhere to stay as a lot of people have to leave there accommodation by certain times."

For advice on what to do if you're affected click here.