Scarborough Hospital: concerns over "lack of meaningful leadership"

Scarborough Hospital
Scarborough Hospital

Unite the Union has expressed concerns over the "lack of meaningful leadership" at Scarborough Hospital.

Speaking of the recent review, Unite regional officer Chris Daly, said: "We're obviously concerned about the result of the review especially given the fact that Chief Executive Mike Proctor is in that position temporarily. He stepped in as temporary cover a few months ago so we're concerned that this lack of meaningful leadership will have an adverse impact on the results of the review.

"They haven't defined what changes they're going to make so it's a bit like 'watch this space' which is why people are worried. We don't clearly know what the objectives of this review are so we just have to see, I'm afraid."

Mr Daly added that he is "disappointed" about the outcome of last week's public meetings.

He said: "The Trust seem to take a contradictory position over this. First they said it wasn't really a public meeting but then on the STP website they were encouraging people to attend.

"It's almost like they were surprised that people felt so strongly about this. Given how we all feel about the future of the NHS I think it's naive to assume that people wouldn't be interested."