Scarborough ladies reveal why they are prepared to bare all for charity

A group of 20 women will be baring all for charity on Friday evening.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 28th November 2018, 2:20 pm
Updated Wednesday, 28th November 2018, 2:35 pm
Top row(l-r): Caroline Watson, Pauline Rigby, Rebecca Kelly-Evans, Jodie Rainton, Holly N Kerr. Bottom row (l-): Lisa Smith, Joanne Thornton, Jill Meynell, Jo Laking, Tracy Smith
Top row(l-r): Caroline Watson, Pauline Rigby, Rebecca Kelly-Evans, Jodie Rainton, Holly N Kerr. Bottom row (l-): Lisa Smith, Joanne Thornton, Jill Meynell, Jo Laking, Tracy Smith

Lisa Smith has organised a night full of entertainment at Cayton Bay Holiday Park in aid of four charities, Macmillan Nurses, Breast Cancer Care, Cancer Research UK and Willows Lull Children’s Charity.

Breast cancer survivor Lisa was inspired by the Real Full Monty with Coleen Nolan, where eight female celebrities bared all in ITV’s The Real Full Monty: Ladies’ Night.

The variety show will feature 12 acts including local talents and professional acts travelling hundreds of miles to be there.

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The 51-year-old is choreographing the show as well as being one of the acts singing and then performing the ‘Half Monty’ with 20 other women.

A representative from Macmillan Nurses will be there to give a talk to raise awareness of breast cancer.

The event has been so popular that it is now a sell-out.

This is why these brave ladies are taking part...

Caroline WatsonI’m doing this for all the people I’ve lost to cancer. Family & friends and for all those people who are bravely fighting this. I’m doing this to raise lots of money and for awareness to ladies and gents to check there breasts.

Pauline RigbyI am doing this in memory of my lovely dad who we lost aged 49. Then Mother’s Day this year we found out that my wonderful son has bowel cancer and now has a permanent stoma. With my job I was honoured to help patients who lost their battle with this cruel disease. This is for all the wonderful people in my life who fought lost and won their battle.

Rebecca Kelly-EvansI’m doing it for my mum that was taken by the evil C word last year and I want to prove to all women that they should be proud of what they have and who they are. We are all shapes and sizes and we need to show the world that are we are not afraid to show it!! We are all warriors, survivors, strong women and we are GLORIOUS!!

Jodie RaintonI am doing this in honour of all you brave ladies that are or have suffered breast cancer, especially my lovely work colleague Anne who is battling this horrible disease at the moment. It has been a true inspiration dancing with all you amazing ladies, your strength and determination is so inspiring to me. I have made some friends for life.

Holly N KerrI’m honoured and so very proud to be a part of a truly inspiring evening set up and organised by a brave woman and indeed all of the women also taking part that have fought, are fighting and who are survivors. For our grandmothers, mothers, sisters and daughters and for all our loved ones here today and whom we’ve lost. We know them, we are them, we stand by them and to raise awareness for all to come.

Lisa SmithHaving survived breast cancer twice, at 28 and 48, and never once considered the seriousness of what was happening, never cried, never got emotional, just pushed it all down and buried it, got on with living, soldiered on, until Coleen Nolan and some others decided to talk about it on T.V. And do a dance to the song This is Me. Well 20 years of suppressed feelings came flooding out and I cried through the entire programme. It’s funny, as soon as you mention “the C word” nobody knows what to say, their eyes dip, they shed a tear, but you don’t talk about it. That is why I decided to follow in Coleen’s footsteps and bring cancer into the spotlight. Talk about cancer and how it affects people’s lives and the best thing that’s happened is I now have a wonderful group of friends that can talk about cancer and what it does and how it makes you feel. It’s time to stop shutting cancer in the cupboard, stop treating people with cancer differently, let’s face it head on and strike it down.

Joanne ThorntonI am very proud and honoured to be taking part in this fundraising event to raise awareness of breast cancer. I have had two scares myself and attending the breast clinic in York really brought it home to me the devasting effects it has on everyone. Cancer has affected my family I lost my Dad and the night of the performance, 30th November is my dad’s memorium. My grandmother, aunt, uncle on my dads side also passed with cancer.

Jill MeynellI’m doing this to raise awareness for ladies and men to check their boobies. Also to raise money for a chairty close to my heart, as I lost my Nan to breast cancer in 2011.

Jo LakingIn 2015, I was called for my very first routine mammogram. Having checked my breasts every month for all my adult life, I had no concerns or worries at all as I had never felt any abnormalities - no lumps, dimples or anything. A couple of weeks later, I received a letter from York Hospital requesting that I attend for follow up tests. I convinced myself that I had been recalled as they probably didn’t get a decent mammogram the first time. Imagine my shock when they told me that they thought I had breast cancer and needed to investigate further and would need to spend the rest of the day having a series of tests.I returned to York Hospital a couple of weeks later to be given the devasting news that the tests confirmed that I had Ductal Carcinoma in Situ and needed to have a mastectomy. I had my operation 2 days after my birthday followed by a series of operations over the following 2 years to reconstruct my breast. Last month I had my annual mammogram which was all clear and I am delighted to say I am now 3 years cancer free. I am most grateful to all the medical and support staff who have cared and rebuilt me over the years me. Special thanks to my incredible surgeon Mr Munot for and all the Breast Care Nurse who gave support and reassurance when I really needed it.

Tracy SmithI’m taking part in this amazing fundraiser in memory of my Mum and Dad who I have sadly lost to cancer. Also as a thank you to all my fabulous family and friends who helped me through my journey. Love you all, I could not have done it without you.I’m one of the lucky ones. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer following a routine mammogram when I was 50. I underwent a right breast mastectomy with skin expander inserted (to be inflated at a later date) as well as a left breast reduction. 6 weeks later I got the great news ‘All Clear no further treatment required’ on the right breast, BUT, unfortunately there were suspicious cells found in the tissues removed from my left side so we’ve book you straight in for mastectomy number 2. Again amazing news, no spread and no further treatment needed. I’m very grateful to be here to tell the tale thanks to a fantastic team at both York and Scarborough Hospitals and now have perfectly (well almost) pair of 34b’s and if you don’t blink on the night you might get to see the results.