Scarborough man pulled down from railway bridge

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Members of the public were quick to raise the alarm when a man was spotted sitting on the railway bridge in Queen Margaret’s Road, Scarborough.

The man was spotted at 5.15pm on Tuesday sitting on the bridge near The Mere with his legs dangling over the edge.
Student Philippa Lees, 19, of Seamer, was passing by in the car with her partner Tyler Chapman, 19, and called the police, who came immediately.
She said: “I saw the man on the bridge dangling his feet over and looking at the railway line.
“My first instinct was to call the police. I’m really glad I did. I also saw a man going to speak to him. We both just really hope he’s OK. I would encourage people to call the police if they ever see a situation like this and it doesn’t look right.”
Rory King, who works for the, Qdos Group, based nearby, went to talk to the man with his colleague Eric Taylor.
Rory, 52, of Greylands Park Avenue, said: “I talked to him for a long time. I was next to him and his head started to go down. I scooped him backwards and Eric caught his legs. Once we got him to the ground the police came straight in.”
He added: “In a world where people would sometimes walk past a person laid in the street, I think it’s important to notice when people need help and to make sure they get it.” The man was taken to hospital following the incident.