Scarborough postie accuses Royal Mail of delivery delay ‘lies’

Royal Mail delivery vehicles outside Scarborough Delivery Office.
Royal Mail delivery vehicles outside Scarborough Delivery Office.

A Scarborough postal worker has accused Royal Mail of covering up the truth behind delivery delays in the town.

The company was forced to apologise to disgruntled customers in the town last week after a number of households have been left without post.

It blamed the issue on staff shortages after residents complained they had not received any mail for almost a week.

But the local postie, who wishes to remain anonymous, said the problem was nothing to do with staff and blamed a recent shake-up of delivery methods.

The source said: “It’s all to do with the revision that has just taken place, bigger rounds which we just can’t do as they are too long. Even on a light Tuesday we can’t get finished.

“Managers tell us to leave parcels in the office and take all the mail with you and to bring back what you can’t finish and take it the next day. They tell us that we are not good enough.

“We hate not taking everyone’s mail but some people are doing 60-plus hours a week – it’s just too much. Why they are 
lying, I don’t know.”

Royal Mail spokesman Heulyn Gwyn Davies said new delivery methods had been phased in over recent months as part of the company’s £2billion modernisation scheme, which inevitably has caused disruption.

However, he said the introduction of the latest phase in Scarborough had coincided with “an unusually high level of sick absence amongst colleagues”.

“We sincerely apologise for this. We have sought to minimise any delays so that we can continue to deliver the high quality of service customers expect and deserve,” he said.

“The Scarborough delivery office has been cleared daily. Wherever we have undelivered mail for any reason, other staff are utilised to deliver the mail.”

Customers with any queries are being urged to call Royal Mail customer services on 08457 740 740.