Scarborough’s 80ft tall puppet is a record-breaker.

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It’s a record-breaker – that’s the 80ft puppet which dominated Valley Road, Scarborough, at the climax of a two-part epic street drama Orpheus the Mariner.

Hundreds of spectators watched as Hades was hoisted into the air by crane at the end of the seafront spectacle.

The final part of Orpheus the Mariner.

The final part of Orpheus the Mariner.

The puppet – the brainchild of Lee and Dawn Threadgold who devised the street play – is made of 1,000 pieces of bamboo. Each piece was constructed at workshops across Scarborough, Whitby and Ryedale and are signed by the makers. A test run was staged in Valley Road on Saturday afternoon.

“Orpheus has been really well-received,” said Dawn. “We have been amazed by the response,” she said.

Five-year-old Connor Makepeace was at the parade on Saturday. “It’s just awesome,” he said.

Orpheus the Mariner was one of the main events at the arts festival Coastival – which has included music, drama, exhibitions and workshops.